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Follow our simple 4 Step Process to find out if we have what you are looking for.

A solution to income security is to have your own home-based business either to earn a full-time income or just simply to make some extra cash.

Could this be right for you?

If you’re just starting to look we understand that you don’t want to be bombarded with phone calls or emails. So we promise we won't do that!

We want you to decide for yourself if you like what you see. So we have created a simple 4 step process so you can see if this is something you want to do.

We have captured the key high-income points from the 3 business models to create a ‘Virtual Franchise’ Home Business.

This makes this income opportunity versatile and able to be run from anywhere with an internet connection, a perfect home business incorporating the best from the following:


We offer the selling power of an established product, proven training systems and peer support, traditionally found in the franchising model, without the high start-up costs or need for premises, transport or staff.

Direct Sales:

Our direct sales business model builds more personal and meaningful relationships through on-line or person-to-person meetings enabling you to grow a loyal and passionate customer base. This can be a stand-alone opportunity.

Collaborative Marketing:

Following the relationship marketing model for team building in different countries, it allows you to earn from other people’s efforts whilst greatly boosting your income potential by making money whilst you sleep.


  1. Representative, for no investment, sell our eCommerce cards to end-users and receive a 33% commission.
  2. Owner, for a minimal investment, build your own eCommerce business to benefit from your online sales and repeat business and receive all the profits.
  3. Associate, for a larger investment, build teams to duplicate your efforts and open up 24/7 income streams which take the roof off your income potential.

To start, watch our 2-minute video.